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Immediately Available Documents on the entire Territory of Slovakia

Technical equipment of notarial offices enables the notary to ensure upon application the deposition of an original instrument in electronic form to the Notarial Central Register of Documents. Consequently every notary on the territory of the Slovak Republic can issue a certified copy of such document from the mentioned register of documents under conditions and to a person specified by applicant.

Its practical meaning is basically its immediate availability anywhere in Slovakia.

For example if the original of a power of attorney is situated in Košice and it is necessary to submit it immediately in Bratislava, all that one has to do is to visit a notary with the original in Košice, who deposits it into the Notarial Central Register of Documents and immediately after the registration a specified person can request at any notarial office in Bratislava to have the original document be issued in the so-called "paper-form" (a certified copy has the equal legal power than the original).

Necessary documents:

  • Valid identification document of the applicant - e.g. ID card, passport, permit for long-term stay of foreign nationals (driver's license , police confirmation on ID card hand-over and application for the issuance of a new ID card, health insurance card do not serve as identity cards)
  • Up-to-date Extract from the Companies Register if the applicant is a legal entity