Extracts from the Companies Register

You can apply for the issuance of the Extract from the Slovak Companies Register at the notary. Such issue is a public document and is of equal value than the one issued by registered courts.

The Extract from the Companies Register issued by a notary has several advantages.

1. You do not have to visit the registered court, all you have to do is to visit a notary – who is situated in every district town
2. You do not have to wait in queues
3. You do not have to buy fee stamps
4. The extract issued by a notary is cheaper (one page of the extract from the Companies Register costs EUR1.33, excl. VAT)
5. At the notary extract from whichever registered court can be acquired regardless of the company’s registered office

Necessary documents:

  • Valid identification document – e.g. ID card, passport, permit for long-term stay of foreign nationals (driver’s license , police confirmation on ID card hand-over and application for the issuance of a new ID card, health insurance card do not serve as identity cards)